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You will see on our Review Pages and Video Tour Below that the clear leader is Earth 4 Energy, especially when you consider their addition of a whole library of very informative DIY Solar Panel Instructional Videos, as well as detailed Training Guides!

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1 Star
Earth 4 Energy

Rated our top pick for its detailed videos on how to build solar Panel. They offer detailed Manuals which are easy to use as well.  From my own experience and from the many great experiences that people have had, we can rate Earth4Energy as the clear winner!

NOTE: Earth 4 Energy is Temporarily unavailable. Please use Energy 2 Green

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2 Star
Energy 2 Green

This product is worth the money, It has everything that you need to live off the grid and is a conventional Solar panel and windmill how to DIY manual. I like the detail that they give in their instructions (As good as Earth 4 Energy). Just not as many bonuses as Earth 4 Energy.

3 Star

Free Energy Options

Free Energy Options is about the same as Energy 2 Green. We just liked Energy 2 Green over free energy options due to its more detailed instructions.

4 Star
Power Freedom

Power Freedom has all of green DIY power instructions you are looking for and at a reasonable price.

 5 Star  
Homemade Energy

This is clearly high rated homemade panels guide.  The instructions are easy to follow, just not quite as detailed as Earth 4 Energy. 

No Longer available



Here is The Video Tour
for The Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Manuals

Why Are These Products Worth The Money? 
Why Should You Buy Them?

  1. The plans are very inexpensive to buy
  2. The top two guides have detailed information about how to build solar panels and how to make wind turbine systems as well.
  3. Information on how to find the components you will need from your local building hardware store, and how to do it very inexpensively.
  4. The legal information that you will need to know about free energy devices.
  5. Information on how to generate sufficient electricity to force your utility company pay you for energy that you are generating and not the other way around!
  6. You learn what makes solar and wind power systems work.
  7. The best energy guides give you personal attention if the need should arise.
  8. Instructions so easy to follow a child can do it

Ideas On How To Use Your Solar Panels

  1. Install enough solar panels so that you not only generate sufficient electricity to power your house but to charge your electric car as well. This way you are saving on your home electric bills and at the same time saving on your transportation expenses. Oh yes, by the way you are helping the planet as well. (Really consider this idea. You can save loads of cash in the long run if you implement this plan.)

  2. Don't have a roof that points to the sweet spot of the sky, or maybe you have a big tree that blocks all the light that the solar panels would need?


    A. Make a patio in the back yard and put the solar panels on top of that.

    B. Set up solar panels in different areas in your back yard, like
    on that hill that you were not using anyway.

    C. Why not try to split them up and make them into decorative ornaments around your yard. (They don't have to be rectangle, right?)

    D. Don't have a car port? Make one and set up solar panels on top of that.
  3. Think outside the box...
Below Are Simple and Inexpensive Instructions
On How To Build Solar Panels

First Gather The Essential Components Needed To Make Your Solar Panels

  1. To start most persons go to eBay to bid on or buy solar panel cells.  Or you can do a search and find other places to buy the cells. 

  2. Look for mono-crystalline solar cells.  These can come in bricks of
    3 X 6. (The size and quality that you choose is your choice – you can buy cheap chipped solar panel cells for a lot cheaper if you look for them)  Each brick of cells may be dipped in wax so as to protect the delicate cells for shipping.  This wax can be easily removed after purchase. (Boil water than dip the brick into the pot – done!)  Each cell should produce about ½ volt.  If you put 36 of these in series you should have about 18 volts which would be adequate enough to charge a 12 volt battery.  Try to buy cells that come tabbed already.  If you don’t you will have to do that much more soldering and will run the risk of damaging the cells when you go thru the assembly process.

  3. Next you can buy a piece of Lexan (tempered glass is better) (not Plexiglas – too brittle) in the approximate dimensions of 45 ¾ x 22 ¼.

  4. For the front glass some use Lexan but this will not last under the weather.  Glass cut to the same specs as to the bottom Lexan plate will work fine and last longer – it’s your choice.

  5. Also it is best to buy extruded aluminum that will house the solar panel assembly.  For the thickness or width of the aluminum you will simply need to measure the thickness of the Lexan front glass thickness of solar cells that include the silicone etc.

  6. Next go to eBay or to your nearest electronics supply store and buy blocking diodes.

  7. Don’t forget to buy sufficient silicone at the nearest hardware store so as to glue the cells to the backing plate and to seal the enclosure.

  8. You may choose to use Jones plugs that can also be found at eBay or at the nearest electronics supply store.

  9. You will also need to purchase some screws to assemble the panel.

Solar Panel Construction Instructions Continued
  1. Many who make solar panels in mass construct a solar cell jig. If you do this you will have uniform looking solar panels.

  2. Next solder the cells together. The tabs that are on top are soldered to the bottom of the next cell. NOTE: test the cells as you go to insure that you do not have a dud cell.

  3. Mount the assembled cells on the backing plate.

  4. It is good to install blocking diodes in series so that the panels will not discharge a battery if you are connected to one. A 3.3 amp rated diode should suffice.

  5. Connect the wires - (again test the output)

  6. If the output is good (say 18 ½ - 19+ volts and 3+ amps) you are good to go.

  7. Next seal the panel with silicone and you are finished.

There is certainly more information involved with building a solar panel system, and this is covered in more detail in the inexpensive solar panel instructional guides that are reviewed above.

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